CARRY YOUR OWN MERCH: Valextra's #NoLogoMyLogo Bags
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Valextra
There are six bag styles to choose from
There are countless possibilties in personalising your own initials
It takes three months for your bag to be made

You’re ready to be your own brand. Rather than just personalise initials on your next luxury bag, Valextra are encouraging trendsetters to take it one step further via their #NoLogoMyLogo collection. What this personalisation programme entails is the creation of your very own striking all-over graphic monogram – think of the trendy Thomas Burberry and FF logo. The process is simple: pick a bag from one of six styles, settle on your initials, and finalise the size and colour combos of the font. It takes roughly three months for the bag to be produced and shipped to your location. And if things go your way, this might inspire you to launch your own merch in no time.

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