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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Mazzucato
The RIM is a dual analogue and chronograph watch
The hypoallergenic 316L surgical steel case measures 48mm
The RIM is priced at an accessible US$1,200

If there’s a wristwatch that might actually be a real-life example of the tools that badass secret agents are equipped with, then RIM by debutant product designer Mazzucato makes a good case for this. RIM, which stands for Reverse Industrial Movement, already has a name that sounds like a top-secret call sign or a Silicon Valley tech company. But what it really stands for is a direct reference to the inspiration: a part of a car’s wheel. This can be seen right off the bat with the design of the case band and the spokes-like dial – metal rods that fan out from the centre to the edge of the dial. While this package might already look eyecatching to most, there’s one more secret that it holds. By unhooking the colourful quick-release catch on the right side of the case –a similar feature as seen on glass jars – it releases the Vernier caliper-like arms that have been holding the case securely. Now, flip the case onto the other side by rotating it 180-degrees before returning the arms to secure the case and relocking it via the catch. (Each step is confirmed by a click sound so as indicate that you are doing it right.) Now, you have an entirely new wristwatch on the surface as the other dial doesn’t tell the time but is assigned the role of a chronograph. Yes, those pesky-sized sub-dials are enlarged this time around and takes up more real estate on the dial which means you don’t have to squint to look at the clocked time anymore. Switching back to the time-telling side is easy by simply repeating the same process as before. What is interesting to note is that a Miyota self-winding movement drives the three-hand timetelling portion of the wristwatch, while the chrono portion is powered by a quartz movement from Miyota as well. Say what you will about its movement choice but this helps to put the RIM in the category of affordably-priced, which for newbies is perhaps the best move in a crowded space of upcoming indie designers. Founder and designer Simone Mazzucato ensures that the materials chosen for this don’t just look good with the sporting theme he is trying to relay but to also ensure that they are helpful to the experience of daily wear too. Take for example, how he chose hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel for the robust 48mm case and FKM for the rubber strap to prevent any latex allergy. While switching back and forth between dials might be a gimmick that will wear thin on you sooner rather than later, the design is fearless and original. And for super car enthusiasts, what we do know is that the RIM will look real good on your wrist that’s commanding each turn on the steering wheel.

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