RECAP: Bulgari's Landmark Chater Store Re-Opening (Hong Kong)
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bulgari
A live group performance all the way from Rome
(From left) Tamie Toledano, Kara Wai, Charlene Choi, Kolia Neveux, Grace Chan, and Kevin Cheng
Bulgari's flagship store at Chater House in Hong Kong
Sammi Cheng
Kara Wai
The store was redesigned by Peter Marino
Charlene Choi
Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng

It was raining cats and dog in August when Bulgari inaugurated the reopening of their flagship store at Landmark Chater in Central, Hong Kong. The brollies came to the rescue on the star-studded red carpet as the stars came out to inject a little Roman flair to the festivities to match the luxe aesthetics delivered by the glorious façade and interior designed by famed architect Peter Marino. The concept of the 3,000 square feet outpost was to replicate the vibes of Bulgari’s Via dei Condotti flagship store in Rome, whilst bringing a freshness to the retail shopping experience in the Far East. Several elements of the shop are worth running your fingers across such as the iconic Condotti door reproduced from the 1930 original, the iconic eight-pointed Condotti star motif that is replicated throughout the store, and the exquisite marble fixtures and fittings. VIPs for the evening included some of the big names from the region such as singer-actress Sammi Cheng and Charlene Choi as well as veteran actress Kara Wai.

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