TO CHERISH AND TO HOLD: Jil Sander's Tangle Bag
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Jil Sander
Jil Sander's Tangle Bag in palmellato leather
Jil Sander's Tangle Bag in off-white palmellato leather
Jil Sander's Tangle Bag in patent leather

If you’re the sort who carries the bag like shit’s about to go down – scenarios ranging between rush hour traffic and a Black Friday sale – this is probably your go-to carrier. That’s because this ergonomically shaped leather shoulder bag is meant to be carried like you’re wielding a weapon on the move. It all has to with the vine-like strap that features several knots made for better grip. The recommended style of carry is to twirl the strap around the wrist like how a boxer does with a strip of cloth or a gangbanger and a thick metal chain. While this carrier won’t a hurt a fly, it keeps up the image that you’re ready to break balls and take lives... oh, and hold your lip gloss and pocket change too.

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