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GRAIL MATERIAL: Omega's First Omega Wrist-Chronograph
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Omega
18 movements from the past were refurbished for this collection
Each chronograph is delivered inside a handcrafted leather trunk
Each of the 18 models houses an original 18’’’ CHRO calibre from 1913
Each piece is priced at roughly US$120,000

Priced at more than US$120,000, this Omega wristwatch doesn’t come cheap. But then again, this is one of those that don’t come about every day from the Swiss marque who gave us the Moon Watch. Omega dug deep into its archives to recreate a 1913 chronograph that was formerly made for the military aviators in WW1, the Royal Flying Corps to be precise. But what’s in the generous six figure price tag for a reproduction? The truth of the matter is, Omega have kept 18 antique movements in their Biel-based museum and have now repurposed them for this project. That means what new owners are getting are museum-quality engines that are now housed inside a generous 47.5mm white gold case outfitted with Sedna gold pushers and crown. The hardship in repurposing these antique movements to serve modern times cannot be easily brushed aside. Modern technology was used to scan and understand how each component was to be treated. New jewels were required and the movement had to be carefully milled. Even the Omega logo and serial numbers on the movement were re-engraved and repolished for clarity. In order to get your money’s worth, Omega crafted a hinged caseback that allows the owner to admire the movement on demand. Only 18 of these are made available and the chance of getting your hands on one is as good as none.

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