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CHIC FLICKS: Tom Ford's Fall-Winter '18 Eyewear Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Tom Ford

With media's saturated perceptions, everyone goes for the light and thin look nowadays. But that shouldn't always be the case, especially when it comes to Tom Ford's new eyewear for the upcoming Fall-Winter collection. Round, thick and chic, these new eyewear pieces show us that being a little thicker on the edges can certainly be just as (if not more) attractive. Just take a look at the first set of eyeglasses, which sport large shapes and extra thick rims, particularly in the lower front. Coming in colors of red, black and purple, there's no doubt they'll accentuate a set of mild-mannered eyes and pair well with your latest fashion looks. And if you're one of the Lady Gagas, Nicki Minajs or Vivienne Westwoods of the world and your fashion style comes a bit more eccentric, Tom Ford has the option of clip-on eyeglasses that afford ultimate flexibility when it comes to eye-accessorising. And finally, Tom Ford presents us something new: a pair of infinity-shaped eyewear. With an ovular shape circling its edges, a cycle of repeating pattern that seamlessly folds into itself, it'll feel like a whole new you as it hangs deftly on the tip of your ears. This pair of eyewear will definitely raise some eyebrows, but that's exactly the point Tom Ford is trying to get across. So what if you're a little thick, or a little ovular on the sides? Be yourself, and don't be afraid to show off those assets along the way. The glasses, of course.