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A MAN OF THE OCEAN: Bremont's Waterman
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Bremont
Bremont Waterman
Bremont Waterman
Bremont Waterman
Mark Healey
Bremont Waterman

Mark Healey has a way with the ocean. As a world-renowned free-diver, big-wave surfer, Hollywood stuntman and ocean environmentalist, he knows a thing or two about these turquoise depths. “Anytime you step into the ocean, you’re in an environment that’s completely uncontrolled by humans,” he says. “Everyone needs to connect with that sort of wilderness in some way, especially in a time when there’s so much noise and distraction in our daily lives.” That’s why Healey has collaborated with British brand Bremont to unveil its limited edition Bremont Waterman, a new GMT dive watch added to its Supermarine collection, in hopes that people will have access to the tranquilities the peaceful waters provide. Based on delicate core S500 wristwatch architecture and limited to just 300 pieces, this wristwatch perfectly reflects its maker. Bathed in iridescent sapphire with its GMT hand and deep-blue indexes on the dial, it signifies a serene connection to the ocean wilderness. With its beauty, however, also comes incredible practicality. Thanks to the helium release valve and the water-resistant case fitted onto the wristwatch’s architecture, the Bremont Waterman functions perfectly even in the darkest of depths. This ability is proven and tested by the Waterman himself: from shark attacks to blackouts in his quest to understand the ocean depths, Healey was the ideal testimonial. The anti-shock vibration mount, scratch-resistant sapphire and unidirectional bezel were the final components needed to make the wristwatch highly insusceptible to damage, perfect for someone like Healey when diving through rough terrains. What's more, a portion of the proceeds from the Waterman's sales will benefit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a charitable clean water initiative that aims to preserve oceans from further waste and pollution. “I absolutely believe that people will only protect something if they value it,” says Healey. “And it’s my life’s mission to inspire others to value the ocean the way I do.” A Waternan in every sense of the word, there may really be no one else who can match the intensity and passion he has for the sea. But upholding that same respect and love for these beautiful, yet fragile oceans may just be the start we need.


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