PROMISE ME THIS: Louis Vuitton x UNICEF's Silver Lockit Fluo Bracelets
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton x UNICEF Silver Lockit Bracelet
Louis Vuitton x UNICEF Silver Lockit Bracelet
Louis Vuitton x UNICEF Silver Lockit Bracelet
Louis Vuitton x UNICEF Silver Lockit Bracelet in Pink
Louis Vuitton x UNICEF Sterling Silver padlock

The lock is a powerful symbol that signifies security, commitment and assurance. For Louis Vuitton’s design of its new Silver Lockit bracelet in collaboration with UNICEF, the symbol represents the commitment towards its blossoming partnership and a continued promise to helping children in urgent need. The delicately-sized padlock, embroidered in Sterling Silver, is fashioned after the tumbler lock invented by Georges Vuitton in 1890. The historical nature of the design, contrasted with its modern elements constitutes a need to make a difference in a vastly changing world. The cord, which is attached around the padlock, comes in a dazzling display of fluorescent colours. The bold and brightly infused colours of yellow, orange, pink and blue are exemplary of the beauty of helping one another and creating positive difference. Building on this motif further is its seal: a promise to help children in need. The partnership between Louis Vuitton and UNICEF has raised over US$5 million dollars to provide humanitarian support for children in urgent need and families, like those affected by the Syrian crisis. In coordination with its #MakeAPromise campaign, Louis Vuitton promises that for every bracelet sold, US$200 of the US$500 purchase price will be donated to UNICEF. Just like how a pinky promise between children is unbreakable, the promise that Louis Vuitton has made with UNICEF is sealed.

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