FATHER'S DAY: Bally's Retro Sneakers
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Bally
Bally's Competition Sneakers
Bally's Galaxy Sneakers
Bally's Vita-Parcours Retro Sneakers
Bally's Vita-Parcours Retro Sneakers
Bally's Super Smash Sneakers

You’ve heard the question before: If you had a time machine, where (or when) would you go? It seems that we all, in some form or another, seek a feeling of nostalgia. It’s the feeling you get when you hear a familiar tune on the radio, maybe find an old family album nested in the hidden crevices of your bookshelf, or meet an estranged friend you haven’t seen for years. It’s that feeling that keeps us looking into the past. But look no further, because Bally is giving us a blast from the past with an entire set of retro sneaker styles over the past few decades. The collection brings back four classics of its day, ranging from hip-hop era classics to tennis shoes to sporty runners. With the Competition Sneakers, the iconic Bally logo fits seamlessly across the taper of the sneaker. Sleek white, with a puffed up sole gives a classic simplicity and elegance that is trumped only by the utmost comfort the sneaker carries. You may have caught your dad wearing these in 1983 when you got out of the time machine but your dad wasn’t wrong. The Galaxy Sneakers also feature the prominent logo, basked in an autumn orange that flows into shades of black. With its lightweight quality and treaded rubber sole, the 2018 version of the cult sneaker gets a revamped, sporty edge. The Vita-Parcours Sneakers comes in shades of beige and turquoise blue, with the classic checkerboard motif highlighting its historical past. If these still aren’t enough for your retro tastes, the Super Smash Sneakers come in jet black, a Bally badge attached to the hip and a uniquely vulcanised rubber sole that gives it both style and athletic sensibility. History is a funny thing. What once was crossing all sorts of boundaries is now a thing of the past. But those lace-ups are looking just as good now as they did when you stepped out of Doc Brown’s DeLorean. I guess some things never change.

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