CHAIN REACTION: Versace's Men Sneakers
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Versace
Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers
Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers in Green
Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers in Red
Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers in Brown
Versace Chain Reaction Mesh Leather Sneakers in Black

Your existence starts from a single strand of DNA. It replicates and evolves, an endless cascading effect that comes to shape who you are today. Versace knows this. That’s why it’s brought in CHAIN REACTION, the next progression of kicks that aims to transform a new generation of sneaker-lovers. Just like us, it all starts from the very DNA signature of Versace. The Greca motif ingrains itself across the seams of the sneaker, paying homage to the elegant nature of a previous generation. Then it comes into contact with the new, a puff croc neoprene lining and reflective tongue giving that sporty, gritty edge. What cements it all together is the lace, dipped in wax to finally consolidate its transformation. But there's one thing that never changes. On the toe of its sneaker in Braille details reads "love", for we all know Love is eternally blind. Don't believe me? See for yourself.


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