STUCK ON YOU: Sofia Richie
Text by Kee |
Crepe mousse mini draped dress (Givenchy), and gloves (stylist’s own)
Crepe de Chine dots degrade dress with ruffles (Givenchy)
Wool crepe shirt with ruffled sleeves, wool crepe shorts, grained leather belt with chain, and kangaroo leather boots with printed taipan cap toe and heel (Givenchy)
Crepe mousse mini dress and kangaroo leather boots with printed taipan cap toe and heel (Givenchy), and gloves (stylist’s own)
Wool mohair dress with ruffle piping (Givenchy), and gold necklace (artist’s own)
Crepe mousse mini draped dress (Givenchy), and gloves (stylist’s own)
Crepe de Chine dots degrade dress with ruffles (Givenchy)
Georgette pleated handkerchief hem dress (Givenchy), and gold necklace (artist’s own)
wool mohair dress with ruffle piping on sleeves (Givenchy); gold disk earrings, and gold necklace (artist’s own)
Crepe de chine shirt (Givenchy), and vinyl disk earrings (stylist’s own)
Georgette pleated handkerchief hem dress (Givenchy)
Wool crepe short dress with lace sleeves (Givenchy)

Love or loathe her, you probably can’t ignore her. The 19-year-old Los Angeles-based model with the famous last name is coming into her own – and not just because you have a clear understanding of her dating timeline. She is a force (in fashion) to be reckoned with and this is the proof.


MANIFESTO: You had blonde hair for quite some time. Did it live up to its reputation of fun?


SOFIA RICHIE: I mean it was fun. But being blonde definitely felt different. When I was younger, I always wanted to have blonde hair. I would squeeze lemon in my hair and pour beer and lay in the sun to try and highlight it… it’s true. When I was old enough to do my hair, I just dyed it blonde. But I got sick of it and I’m a natural brunette anyway. My roots just kept showing and it got annoying as I was dyeing it every week and a half.


M: Whose music do you listen to but afraid to admit it in public?


SR: I listen to a lot of Gwen Stefani. When I’m in the car and I’m alone, I would put on Gwen Stefani or Nelly Furtado.


M: So, if you’ve got a mic in hand, name one go-to song that you’d probably nail?


SR: I think I can probably kill any Rihanna karaoke. I know all the words to her songs.


M: What makes you nervous?


SR: Erm… Maybe being unorganised makes me nervous. I have this weird thing where I have to be organised or I would get a nervous breakdown. Maybe that happened yesterday. (Laughs) It happens very often.


M: What’s your favourite junk food?


SR: In-N-Out Burger.


M: What do you like about LA and what do you dislike about LA?


SR: I love the weather in LA. Perhaps what I dislike is… the traffic. (Laughs)


M: Name one guilty pleasure of yours.


SR: Maybe French fries or popcorn.


M: You’ve been surrounded by many famous people since young. Who was the first one you were star struck by?


SR: Beyoncé. I was maybe around 10 and I couldn’t look her in the eyes. I didn’t know she was a real person before I met her. I don’t remember when that was. It feels like a lifetime ago that it happened.


M: What was the craziest rumour you heard about yourself through the years?


SR: There are a lot. Maybe that I was adopted.


M: What did you buy with your first pay cheque?


SR: I bought a bag. I think it was a Saint Laurent bag at Barney’s.


M: What is the one thing you wished you invented?


SR: Uber. Or maybe a Tesla. (Laughs)


M: Name the last movie that made you teary.


SR: There were so many. I pretty much cry at every movie.


M: What do you want for your birthday this year?


SR: I have no idea. I don’t like to tell people what I want or else it won’t be exciting opening a gift. It would be better to be surprised.


M: What was the worst gift you’ve ever received?


SR: One year, my dad put coal in my stockings, so that was pretty crappy. (Laughs)


M: Share one of your funniest joke.

SR: I can probably tell you a joke but it might take me 20 minutes.


M: Do you ever Google yourself? If so, what was the weirdest thing you discovered?


SR: No, I don’t Google myself.


M: What was the last TV show you binged?


SR: Billions.


M: If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


SR: French fries.


M: Name a famous childhood crush you had.


SR: John Mayer.


M: Do you consider yourself a good cook and what is your signature dish?


SR: I’m good at making fajitas.


M: Do you have a pet peeve?


SR: Yes, I have a lot. I don’t like getting poked at.


M: What is your secret talent?


SR: I can play the piano.


M: What is your life motto?


SR: Live your life!


M: You mentioned that you wanted to be a designer. Can we expect a fashion line from you anytime soon?


SR: I definitely want my own line one day. I’m planning on it and I’m working on it.


Photography: Jumbo Tsui @ Beauty Direction Tokyo
Fashion Director: Jonathan Yee
Styling: Shuo Yuan Hasegawa
Hair: Katelin Gan @ Starworks Artists
Make-up: Katelin Gan @ Starworks Artists
Producer: Bo Zhang @ 360PM
Special thanks to The Society Management

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