IN THE THICK OF IT: Bottega Veneta's Thick Lens Eyewear
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bottega Veneta
The Bottega Veneta logo is laser-engraved on the left lens and photo-engraved under lacquer
The premium lenses are 4mm thick

Remember the time when Anna Wintour got chided for wearing her shades in the presence of fellow front row guest Queen Elizabeth II at London Fashion Week? Well, you can blame her choice of eyewear for that matter (or a lack of info about her eye condition, if such a thing exists). After all, Bono has gotten away with the same fashion faux pas for decades because of his glaucoma. But if you’re the Wintour-sort of eyewear connoisseur – that means wearing them nearly 24/7 indoors and out – then you either commit to the glaucoma excuse or just get some damn better eyewear. After all, there isn’t such a thing as owning one pair of shades for every occasion – just like how you won’t wear the same white T-shirt to an all-you-can-eat buffet no matter how awesome you think it looks on you. The solution is two-way lens – those with a tint that allows others to see your eyes while you shade enough of yours for discretion’s sake (especially if you dish out more eye rolls than others). These examples by Bottega Veneta fit the billing with their two colourways, one in staple black and the other in olive green if you’re feeling like a K-Pop star. What’s more the lenses used here are made thick (4mm), which is comforting for those who feel like they need thicker glass to shield oneself from the sight of harsh reality which led you to wearing shades in the first place. Win-win!

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