THE BOOK OF ELI: Eli Epperson

Nappa leather bomber jacket with ribbed cotton (Loewe)
Wool cotton belted coat and calfskin leather sandals (Loewe)
(Left) nappa leather bomber jacket with ribbed cotton, and cotton Henley (Loewe); (Right) cotton knit T-shirt with zipper appliqué, cotton shirt with cotton knit sleeves, cotton fisherman shorts, and calfskin leather sandals (Loewe)
Cotton gabardine belted trenchcoat, cotton denim fisherman trousers, and calfskin leather sandals (Loewe)
(Right) cotton sweatshirt with suede embroidery (Loewe); (Right) cotton knit sweater with patched pockets, and calfskin leather cap with cotton lace (Loewe)
Cotton knit pullover with calfskin leather charms, cotton linen trousers, calfskin leather sandals, and canvas shopper (Loewe)
Cotton knit sweater with patched pockets, calfskin leather shorts, and calfskin leather sandals (Loewe)
(Left) cotton knit sweater with patched pockets, nappa leather shorts, calfskin leather cap with cotton lace, calfskin leather sandals, and canvas with calfskin leather hobo bag (Loewe); (Right) cotton knit striped pullover with calfskin leather charms (Loewe)

2017 saw this 19-year-old American model rank on several fashion lists as one of the models with a bright future. 2018 is the year the Kentucky-born star cashes in on that said potential. You can quote us on that.


MANIFESTO: Tell us a little bit about your childhood and growing up years. What kind of kid were you in school?


ELI EPPERSON: My childhood was pretty nice. I was obsessed with music and sports (even though I’m not athletic now and wasn’t really then). In elementary school, I was a great student. Middle school, I really went wild in the classrooms. Had some of the best memories of my life in middle school doing stupid shit with my friends who are still my friends today. In high school, I toned down my antics a bit but still couldn’t have cared less about a grade and eventually dropped out to go to an alternative school called JCHS. Shout out to Ms. Borsch! She’s one of my teachers from there I really connected with and still keep in contact with.


M: What was your very first job outside of modelling?


EE: I worked at a grocery store called Kroger and then at Sears.


M: How did you enter the modelling industry? How were you discovered?


EE: I came to New York on a trip, and went to open calls one day and met Oscar Garnica and the rest of the team signed me that day.


M: Were your family and friends encouraging of your career choice or were they surprised you took this route? What do they think about it now?


EE: My mother was always the one who told me I could be a model and she set everything in motion for me. Everyone has been very supportive. My family are my biggest fans and they are proud of me, but I know I have more work to do.


M: When did you realise this was a legit career move?


EE: When I walked in my very first show, for Coach.


M: Who is your mentor in this industry?


EE: My whole team at NEXT.


M: Who do you look up to in this industry?


EE: Luka Sabbat. That young guy is creative, stylish and about his business.


M: What is the toughest part about modelling that those on the outside don’t realise?


EE: Depends on who you ask. Travel is tough on me after awhile.


M: What do you think about modelling being just as much of a social media game now?


EE: It’s hard to manoeuvre for me. It’s a game that I don’t like to play. I vow to never fabricate anything for my social media or change who I am.


M: Do you read all the comments posted on your account? Which one has been the most memorable?


EE: No, I don’t. For a couple of weeks I would quickly scan and like comments to make people feel appreciated but I never remember any.


M: What would you be doing now if you weren’t modelling?


EE: Music. I play instruments and make beats sometimes. In my dreams I’m a club DJ or something. Some type of tastemaker as cliché as that sounds. That’s why I’m always posting music that I listen on my Instagram story. (Laughs)


M: If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?


EE: Cheese pizza or maybe a Shack burger.


M: When was the last time you were star



EE: October 2017.


M: Name one famous person you would like to meet.


EE: Can’t narrow it down to one so I’ll do four: Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Waka Flocka, Young Thug.


M: Name three songs that you work out to.


EE: I don’t work out but my favorite songs at the moment are Murder She Wrote by Tay-K, Motorsport by Migos, No Romance by Killy and 16yrold, and Dark Knight Dummo by Trippie Redd and Travis Scott.


M : Name your favourite movie of all time.


EE: Man, that’s another one I can’t narrow down. The whole Dark Knight series, Spider-Man, Step Brothers, and The Hangover are all my favorite movies in no order. As you can tell they’re intellectual.


M: Are you a dog or a cat person?


EE: Dog. But my roommates and I are fostering kittens so I’m coming to like them.


M: Who is your favourite superhero and why?


EE: Batman. Because I love his relationship with the Joker. Joker is the best villain.


M: If you could start your own business right now, what would you be selling?


EE: Jewellery.


M: Your go-to pick-up line?


E: (Laughs) Never in my life have I used a pick-up line on someone.


M: Which is your fave holiday and why?


EE: Halloween. Fall weather is pristine and dressing up and candy are both great.


M: Your life motto?

EE: Everything works how out it is supposed to.



Photography: Brent Chua
Fashion Director: Jonathan Yee
Styling: Jungle Lin
Hair and Grooming: Kiyonori Sudo
Agency Support: Next Management

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