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ALL ABOARD: Chanel Joaillerie’s Flying Cloud Collection
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chanel
Sparkling Lines necklace in white gold with diamonds
Precious Float ring in white gold with lapiz lazuli and diamonds
Sunny Rope ring and bracelet in yellow gold with diamonds
Summer Cruise bracelet in white and yellow gold with diamonds, blue sapphires, and a yellow diamond
Turquoise Waters necklace in white gold with diamonds and blue sapphires
Sparkling Lines bracelet and ring in white gold with diamonds
Blurred Lines earrings in whie gold with cultured pearls, diamonds, and blue sapphires
Precious Float necklace and earrings in white gold with cultured pearls, diamonds, and lapiz lazuli
Mademoiselle Chanel's La Pausa residence in the French Riviera
Mademoiselle Chanel's La Pausa residence in the French Riviera

We’re knee deep in bathing suit season by now – that period of the year when you’re in the daily mood for summer’s sunshine and sunscreen on skin, stockpiling sand between toes, and relishing in salt water baths. And if you’re doing summer justice, then you’re also likely on a swanky yacht enjoying said moment like Coco Chanel did on any given weekday in summer nearly 90 years ago. The setting was the French Riviera that Mademoiselle Chanel frequented and she was onboard a yacht named The Flying Cloud, owned by her lover the second Duke of Westminster who was also instrumental in her journey to discover tweed through the various trips to Scotland that they took together. On land, Mademoiselle Chanel would reside in La Pausa, the seven bedroom villa on a five-acre plot of land in the French Riviera that she and her wealthy partner would escape to in the summer (this was also the case for her famous guests including Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau). It was this dreamy locale of white walls and sprawling views that the fashion house of today – they repurchased and refurbished the property after Mademoiselle Chanel sold it when the Duke of Westminster passed on – reopened its doors to VIPs to view their brand new high jewellery collection aptly titled Flying Cloud. The homage and mood that these sparkling pieces bring are clear: one that celebrates the love of the sea… and the excitement of a summer fling. From nautical codes of Breton stripes, ropes, boating knots, lifebuoys, to the deep blue colours of the water, this collection has holiday mood written all over it. Take for example the iconic Breton stripes that continue to have its place in French fashion as it does with old-time sailors. Chanel’s introductions of these stripes in jewellery are profoundly made up of contrasting lines of white diamonds and blue sapphires, some of which feature a rope motif to fuel the seafaring reference. Meanwhile, this white and blue contrast is also used to great effect with the miniature lifebuoy motifs that anchor a selection of necklaces and rings. The blue, in this instance, is made up of a macaroni-sized lapis lazuli that has its own drawing power. What is Chanel’s most underrated move is to seamlessly weave the talismanic infinity knot motif into this collection, one that is known to signify a union of wisdom and compassion as well as endless love (sailors of the past would make such knots to remember their loved ones while spending months at sea). These intricate braids are performed on various shades of gold here, forming a central theme of its jewellery wristwatches to even one toying with light such is the skeletonised bracelet.


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