Text by Kee
Cotton lace jacket (Sacai), cotton wool knit dress (Chanel), and waxed calfskin leather boots (DKNY)
Cotton wool dress (Hermès)
Grain de poudre coat, wool silk cardigan, and calfskin leather jumpsuit (Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci), and calfskin leather sandals (Balenciaga)
Cloudy cloque dress, technical voile bra with matching panties, stretch lambskin thigh-high country boots (Céline)
Terry cotton dress and calfskin leather sandals (Balenciaga)
Cotton shirt (Joseph), denim jeans (Off-White), and metallic leather boots (Maison Margiela)
Nylon and elongated ribbed wool bomber jacket, and silk camisole dress (DKNY)

This monochrome-wearing 24-year-old’s just like one of us. No, really. She plays video games (League of Legends, in particular), reads manga comics (Nana’s her fave), enjoys manicures (lotsa black) and red lips. On a whim, she decided to win Korea’s Next Top Model a few years ago, then packed her bags for a runway career in the “Big Four”, and cultivated a habit of scoring major fashion campaigns. At this moment, she’s making it look too easy to be this great.


MANIFESTO: It has been a few years since you won Korea’s Next Top Model. Do you feel like you have a chip on your shoulder?


SORA CHOI: No, not at all! Good things happened more than bad things did, and I believe I am here because of Korea’s Next Top Model.


M: Social media plays such an important role in modelling right now. And you have a good following on your accounts as well. Do you view it as a good thing or a bad thing?


SC: I think it is a good thing to have a presence on social media because there are people who watch me as I mature as a model.


M: How much of what you post on social media is the real Sora Choi?

SC: All of it is the real me!
M: Was modelling your first job?

SC: Modelling was my first job. I was just an ordinary girl before I became a model.
M: If you had to choose another career, what would it be?


SC: I would like to get married.
M: When was the last time you were star struck?


SC: I have never been star struck by a celebrity, artist, or anyone else. My taste in artists change so often.


M: Not many know that you’re into video games. What is your all-time favourite game and what games are you playing right now?

SC: I grew up as a tomboy, so I played Starcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and others. I currently enjoy playing 3D action games on the phone – I like that they are simple and portable.


M: You’ve got a rather cool personal style, a mix of rocker and streetwear. Do you feel out of place when you’re having to pose in girly, feminine dresses and gowns?

SC: I do feel a little out of place (Laughs). Pink, pretty, and cute dresses are especially super awkward for me.


M: What are you reading right now?

SC: I am currently re-reading my favourite manga, Nana, from the very beginning.


M: What’s your secret talent that not many people know of?

SC: Hmm… I’m not sure! My English isn’t so good so it doesn’t really show, but I am very gregarious.


M: What was your last big purchase?


SC: The last big purchase I had was a pair of leather pants from Saint Laurent.


M: What did you spend your first big pay cheque on?


SC: I’m not too sure. I think I spent it on food?
M: What was the last movie that made you drop a tear?


SC: I am not a fan of sad movies. I prefer action, fantasy, and animated films.


M: Do you have a pet peeve?

SC: I don’t really have a pet peeve. I have a tendency to just think about something that annoys me for a second, and forget about it right away.


M: Do you have tattoos? If not, what would you get if you were to ink one?


SC: I don’t have any tattoos. I would really like to get a black-ish red rose next to my chest, but my agents are telling me not to get one.


M: If you could have one superhero power, which one would you acquire?

SC: Teleportation!!! It’s the best!!!


M: Do you cook? If you do, what is your signature dish?

SC: Yes, and my signature dish is a traditional Korean dish called 호박 (Ae Ho Bak Jun). It’s a sliced zucchini-like squash with a piece of cooked meat on top.
M: Name a guilty pleasure of yours that not many people know about.

SC: My guilty pleasure is painting my nails. I usually paint my nails black. I am in a much better mood after painting my nails. I paint them when I don’t have work.


M: What is the most Korean part/quirk about you?


SC: My bare face! Bare face is perfect for traditional Korean dresses.


M: If you could have a chance to meet three famous people who are no longer with us, who would you like to meet?

SC: I’m not sure. I don’t think I have anyone in particular that I’d like to meet.


M: Name three songs that are having a heavy rotation on your playlist now.


SC: My taste in music changes in all the time! But my favourite genre is pop-rock.


M: You’ve been to some major parties and events. What’s that one event you always look forward to and why?


SC: I don’t usually go to parties and events. I’m not a fan of alcohol and cigarettes, so I am not a huge fan of parties.


M: What’s your New Year resolution? And have you successfully completed any (or this year’s)?


SC: It’s the same as last year’s, and the year before! It is to work harder!! I’m really greedy when it comes to work (Laughs).


M: How would you like to be remembered (in life and career)?


SC: I would like to be remembered as a really wonderful and passionate model.


[More pictures in the January-February 2017 issue of MANIFESTO]


Photogrpahy: Tak Sugita
Fashion Director: Jonathan Yee
Styling: Christine de Lassus @ Art Department
Hair: Hanjee
Make-up: Parco Blancas @ L’Atelier NYC, using Nars Cosmetics
Styling Assistant: Pedro Rodrigo Gonzalez
Agency support: Wilhelmina New York

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