RECAP: Taipa Village Art Space Launch (Macau)
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Taipa Cultural Association
The largest mural by Pat Lam
It asks the question of whether graffiti is considered art
Taipa Village Art Space holds its first solo exhibition
A close-up of a mural by Pat Lam
Street artist Pat Lam, also known as P.I.B.G.
A mural on the sidewalk leading up to the Taipa Art Space

Have you ever walked around a city and wondered about the backstory of the graffiti (also known as street art) on the walls, staircases, and random corners of alleyways? If you live in an urban landscape like New York City and Hong Kong, chances are, there are plenty of ‘em – created by amateur artists who use this guerrilla form of art to express their creativity on public canvasses albeit illegally (and with a permanence that might be considered polarising). Only a few cities in the world – namely Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Montreal, and the aforementioned – view street art as an enhancement to its surroundings with some even offering tours to admire these random acts of brilliance. Macau is the latest to add their name onto this illustrious list with the Taipa Village Art Space. They have tapped Macanese graffiti artist Pat Lam, also known as P.I.B.G., to beautify the city with his spray cans. Lam – who has collaborated with a host of luxury and lifestyle brands – is an obvious choice. Firstly, getting one of their own to pepper the sidewalks of Macau makes sense – if you had to, you want someone born and bred in the city to do it. Secondly, he has admitted to spray-painting the walls of the city – illegally! – even before being officially commissioned, which means he knows the best spots to do so. The result of this collaboration with the Taipa Village Cultural Association and Taipa Art Space can be seen today at the historic area of Taipa Village, a former fishermen hub that features Chinese temples and old-school shophouses as its main attractions. The largest mural is located on the side of a shophouse, and can be seen from some distance away. It features a masked toddler with a graphic silhouette of a canine; on the mural itself, Lam asks the question if this is considered art or plain ol’ graffiti (art-ful or art-less). We’re just going with art.

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