SLITHERY SEDUCTRESS: Bulgari’s Serpenti Forever Bag
Text by Sohee Kim | Photos courtesy of Bulgari
Serpenti Flap Cover Bag in Medium
Serpenti Flap Cover Bag in Small

If you’ve been paying attention in your religious studies, you’ve probably heard the story of Adam, Eve and the serpent. You know, the one in which the serpent utilises the power of temptation to bend the will of others. Well, take a hint and implement it with your fashion choices. There's also a real-life tool of seduction that you can equip yourself with: a Serpenti Forever bag by Bulgari. Though not endorsed by the serpent itself (no one would like that), its charming qualities fall in the same bracket as the aforementioned. Rendered in quality skins (calfskin leather, python, the works) with vibrant colour schemes, this classic flap bag will grab attention just like a multi-coloured venomous snake would. However, the symbol of your new-found seduction powers lies with the serpent’s head which also functions as the flap's closure, menacing in its appearance like it is watching over your belongings. This handbag is also equipped with a textured chain that mimics a refined version of snake scales. Although the Serpenti Forever won’t score you a nice house and extra digits in your bank account tomorrow, it will get you those brownie points just by being present.

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