RECAP: Tiffany & Co.’s The Making of The New York Minute Opening (Hong Kong)
Text by Sohee Kim | Photos courtesy by Tiffany & Co.
The making of the new york minute watch exhibition from the top
The making of the new york minute watch exhibition entrance
The making of the new york minute watch exhibition archival wall
Ernie Sit and Marie Zhuge
Irisa Wong and Kayla Wong
Thierry Mandonnaud and Ingrid Mandonnaud
Olivia Buckingham
Jazz singer Bianca Wu

On the evening of August 25th, in the middle of the Landmark Atrium, there stood a clock that resembled the first public clock that was installed at New York’s Tiffany & Co store in 1853. This 9-foot-tall Atlas clock was the entrance to “The Making of New York Minute” watch exhibition hosted by luxury jeweler Tiffany &Co. The space was curated into four main themes, allowing guests to explore and appreciate the history of 169 years of the brand’s watchmaking heritage and craftsmanship. Some of the guests who attended the opening night and enjoyed the display of archival pieces were socialites: Marie Zhuge, Ernie Sit, Irisa Wong, Kayla Wong, Olivia Croucher Buckingham, Thierry Mandonnaud and Ingrid Mandonnaud. The event was also accompanied by a live jazz performance by famous lyricist Wyman Wong and musicians Eric Kwok and Jun Kung.



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