BACK-TO-SCHOOL: MCM's Stark Baroque Print Backpack
Photos courtesy of MCM
Medium Stark Baroque Print Backpack
Small Stark Baroque Print Backpack

Who ever said backpacks were just for school kids probably still have their faces buried in the books. Today’s designers are copping this two-sling carrier style (for the last few seasons) that was once exclusive to the geeks in the classrooms and paper pushers in the real world. Now, carrying one in your adult years just means you’re not playing in the same league as them; you’re a fine graduate of the style department. But don’t just dust off the Barbie or Transformer backpack you’ve been keeping for nostalgia’s sake. Pick one that speaks to your choice colour and attentiveness of the trend. Enter MCM, a label the cool crowd like Cristiano Ronaldo, Sandara Park and Paloma Faith, has been packing with their off-duty looks for some time, so you know you’re in good company with yours. Our recommendation is the Stark backpack that fronts a bold archival baroque print recalling serious Maori ink. Available in three electric shades, they promise to lighten the mood even if you’re favouring head-to-toe black. What’s more, you don’t need to raise a hand and ask how to work this backpack into your routine; it’s practically dummy-proof (like learning how to ride a bike again) with an unlimited amount of swag to go around.

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