Name: Liam Little
Agency: Re:Quest NYC, Bananas Paris, PRM London, ILOVE Milan
Instagram: @liamjohnlittle


Tell us about your background and how were you discovered (to be a model). I've always been artistic, and before modelling in NYC. I was dedicating all of my time to music back at home in Maine. For a couple of years, I was told I should consider modelling but I didn't take it seriously until agencies showed interest.


What are you up to these days besides modelling? Learning more about New York and thinking about how I can take my art further. Always meeting new people, always trying new things. Keeping business in mind.


Your hobbies? Painting every day, playing guitar every day, and skateboarding when it's nice. Always creating as a team with my friends, always looking for new ideas.


What do you enjoy the most about being a model? The opportunity to travel for work, and to work with very respected brands and figures in the fashion world. It helps me learn my own taste in both people and design. I also have lots of time to figure out how I'll change the world


What made you want to give modelling a try? The desire to travel, and to live in New York, as well as make solid connections in the business aspect of the creative world.


What is the downside of modelling? The unpredictable schedule, and the sometimes discouraging nature of the job. Sometimes it's tough not to take things personally.


What would you be doing if weren't modelling? I still would have found my way out of Maine, and I'd be putting most of my brain power into whatever artistic outlet was most available to me. Doing whatever I can to support my creative side.


TV junkie or movie addict? Tarantino is great, but I'm not into film or television.


Your idol? Pete Townshend and Henri Matisse.


Tell us about your personality? Predictably unpredictable, a steady ripple.


What's your style? Slim stuff, I like tasteful patterning and luxe materials.


What are the top five songs from your current music playlist? Spain by Chick Corea, Take five by Dave Bruebeck, Sparks by The Who, Here comes the night by Them, and Girl on my Mind by Buddy Holly.


Any guilty pleasures? Hiding toys from my friend’s dog and watching her hunt for it, but I least I celebrate with her when she finds it.


You're a Snapchat / Instagram / Twitter person or none of the above? I'm a three-dimensional person.


Three cities / countries that you want to visit? Would like to see Greece, haven't been out to LA yet, and I would like to see Tokyo.

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