Name: Issac Tullis
Agencies: DNA - Kim Dawson - Hoffman International
Instagram: @isaactullis
Snapchat: @nephisaac


Tell us about your background and how were you discovered (to be a model). I grew up in the most beautiful state in America, Colorado. I was home-schooled, the fifth of six kids and we lived way out in the forest. We grew up hiking, biking, rock climbing and canoeing. I also loved sports and was basically raised on the tennis court. I got discovered at 19 when I was walking out of a Chipotle in Kansas City. I signed just to see what would happen and within a year, I was signed in New York and realised that I could actually work as a model. Moral of the story, I am Chipotle’s number 1 fan.


What are you up to these days besides modelling? I am in school for software development! I am learning how to build websites and apps, more the back end (for all the technical people reading this). I also volunteer at Charity: Water, my favourite non-profit and am working on a personal project a friend and I started.


Your hobbies? I love the outdoors. Anything that gets me outside and in nature is basically a hobby of mine. I also grew up playing the piano and guitar as well as tennis and basketball. I will pick those five things over anything else.


What do you enjoy the most about being a model? I love the constant changing environment of modelling. You are constantly meeting new people, being put in new situations, and having to adapt everywhere you go. You can never predict what a day will be like, so life never gets old.


What made you want to give modelling a try? I was working three jobs when I first started modelling and figured that an extra source of money once every few months wouldn’t hurt. Plus, to be honest, I thought it would be cool to say I modelled :). However, I never would have guessed that modelling in Kansas City would get me out to New York. Crazy!


What is the downside of modelling? There are a few downsides to modelling. If you are not careful, modelling could take away your work ethic and make you dependent on other people. I think it is very important to do things outside of modelling that grow you as a professional.


What would you be doing if weren't modelling? I would be living in California, working for a start-up while launching my own personal projects. I would also be out exploring the Red Woods, Yosemite, and the beach. I really like California.


Your best modelling experience up thus far? American Eagle's campaign. We had the best crew and it was an absolute blast, plus it was in California and we got to shoot in some awesome outdoor locations. Loved it!


TV junkie or movie addict? Netflix Junkie :) House of Cards for the win!


Your idol? Easy. Roger Federer. He is the man. I would sell my soul to meet him. Maybe not, but you get my point.


How would you describe yourself? This is always a really difficult question. I would describe myself as being: outgoing, passionate, and very goofy.


What's your style? I have a very simple style. T-shirt, button-down or long sleeves with jeans. I really should have my sisters help me shop sometime.


What are the top five songs from your current music playlist? Miss Mirage by NoMBE; Breezeblocks by Alt-J; Hell of a Night by The Hotdamns ; any song by Portugal the Man; and Bad Luck by Leach.


Any guilty pleasures? Mac-N-Cheese, bacon and sriracha sandwich while watching The Bachelor. Don’t tell my agent.


You're a Snapchat / Instagram / Twitter person or none of the above? Snapchat and Instagram for the win! I did try tweeting once, it was fun.


Three cities / countries that you want to vist? Nepal! (Base Camp of Everest); Iceland (one of the most diverse landscapes in the world!); Argentina (Patagonia, it doesn’t need an explanation).


Your life motto? Just do it, unless it will get you killed, then just do it more carefully.


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