GREY MATTER: Giorgio Armani's Grey Suits
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Giorgio Armani spring 2016
Giorgio Armani spring 2016

There’s a myth going around within the fashion circle that goes something along the lines of: If you’re a suit newb, a black suit is the first suit you should be buying. And while there is little wrong with a black suit – other than potentially rendering you a restaurant waiter if worn slap bang in the middle of summer – a grey one will do you much better in terms of transseasonal versatility; it has the ability to feel summery as a pastel or like a winter’s smog in a charcoal hue. Plus, unlike black or navy, it’s as much a ten out of ten at the office as it is outside of it, launching you into Happy Hour without having to head home first. That said, the easiest way to lift up the greyness of your suit is to have your eyes set on silhouettes from Giorgio Armani’s spring offering. Come on, you know why, don’t you? Planning to show the suit-wearing veterans that you mean business is by knowing why an Armani suit should be where your interests lie after all. We have two words for that: American Gigolo. Yes, Giorgio Armani eradicated the typical inflated-shoulder power suit silhouette and refitted it with a new dose of sex appeal on Richard Gere’s title character in the ’80s film. And after that, the Armani suit was to become a wardrobe staple forever. So having purchased your grey Armani suit (for obvious reasons), knowing what to wear with it – from the shirt to the shoes – needs to feel like child’s play or else you’ll be reaching for Mr. Blue or Mr. Black simply because they’re familiar territory. Pastel blue silk shirts with dark ties, or perhaps a lush knit flat-cap, will do the trick. 

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