PERFECT INSIDE AND OUT: Diptyque’s Les Hespérides
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If you’ve bought her the same assortment of Godiva chocolates for the past four anniversaries in a row, it’s time to rethink your romantic game plan. We know, it’s a bore, a chore, and more. But with our little tip, she’ll be thanking you in more ways than one. You like oranges right? Yeah, who doesn’t. And she will too. There’s nothing better than smelling like a perfectly ripe mandarin freshly picked from a blossoming tree with notes of saffron, cinnamon, and ginger is there? In that vein, Diptyque’s newly packaged Les Hespérides line is the way to go. The four-piece citrus collection, firstly, trumps all the floral offerings out there today – not that flowers aren’t cool, but there’s just so much of them nowadays – and secondly, looks so adorable in its packaging that she won’t be able to throw it away. It’s a set fit for a women who likes a bit of “sexy” with her breakfast, “feminine” with her lunch, and “spicy” with her dinner. Who can say no to that?



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