JOB HUNTER: Millenial Bizwear According to Tay Tay... & Hermoine
by Kee
Taylor Swift
Emma Watson

If you’re tracking Taylor Swift’s every move like we are, then you’d know that she had dinner that one night. You remember, that one night she wasn’t holding an Album of Year award, hanging with her squad, throwing out pocket change to Kesha, or basically telling us that she is winning life (though we know she is). On that night out to Maia restaurant in West Hollywood, the 26-year-old met up with her music wingman Jack Antonoff. She was clad in a Kate Middleton-esque head-to-toe white ensemble – a double-breasted suit jacket with sleeves scrunched up and unbuttoned to show off a matching cropped top and high-waist trouser. It was as perfect as snow on Christmas morning, complete with the midas touch of baby pink lipstick. She looked all-business, not the type going for a job interview – she IS the one you must impress. (She rakes in more than two million dollars a week just by breathing. For real.) Although Tay Tay is still a far cry from empire builder and part-time sex symbol Jessica Alba's bizwear game, she is setting the tone for millennials going for their job interviews, or better yet, how to dress like you’re already upper management. A pantsuit might not be the most surprising choice in bizwear – Hillary Clinton continues to wear one as well as wreck the trend at the same time – but throw in a cropped top makes all the difference. Be mindful not to show too much flesh in the process, which is why high-waist pants come in handy. Also notice the fit of the suit jacket – if the shoulders don’t fit nicely, it will look like you ransacked mom’s closet in haste. On the other side of the pond, known sex research site subscriber and global ambassador of women everywhere Emma Watson wowed with a white cropped blouse, contrasting black cigarette pants, and leather pumps at a feminist talk (she had a charcoal grey coat on hand too). The monochrome look – perfect for high humidity days – rekindled memories of an off-duty attire choice of Coco Chanel’s. The 25-year-old looked polish and poise, and armed with enough seriousness to talk about women's issues without reminding us she is GD Hermione Jean Granger. Go on, try it... Swift and Watson already roadtested these looks, blazed a trail, and just about dominated the world's headlines in it. No biggie.


Ralph Lauren spring 2016
Polo Ralph Lauren spring 2016


Vanessa Seward spring 2016
Vanessa Seward spring 2016


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Tibi spring 2016

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