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TWINKLE, TWINKLE: Roger Dubuis' Excalibur Star of Infinity
by Kee | Photo by Jeff Ip
Excalibur Star of Infinity (limited to eight pieces)
Excalibur Star of Infinity (limited to eight pieces)
Excalibur Star of Infinity (limited to eight pieces)

Before you start calling yourself a self-made mogul, just know that you probably aren’t there yet if you don’t own a wristwatch like this. It is the type of bling-bling that folks with last names like Mayweather and Diddy prefer to clad their wrists with because building a successful empire has its rewards and this comes closest to wearing a bespoke suit made out of real money (we still think a wristwatch looks better). The Excalibur Star of Infinity by Roger Dubuis has all the billings of a Black Card-type of wristwatch: 312 baguette-cut diamonds embellish the white gold case with a total weight that rounds up to an impressive 15 carats, a pair of flying tourbillons, a skeletonised dial that features a star motif on the upper half, and a quality-tested manual-winding movement certified with the Poinçon de Genève. Only a select few are able to get their hands on one – eight to be precise – which would place you in a good company of game changers.


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