PEEP THE PEEPS: Gucci Cosmogonie Show (Puglia)
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Gucci and Getty Images
Elle Fanning
Davika Hoorne
Dakota Johnson
Bethann Hardison
Jeremy O. Harris
Mark Ronson
Sinead Burke
Jodie Turner-Smith
Paul Mescal
Ariana Papademetropoulos
Lana Del Rey and Caroline Grant
Benedetta Porcaroli
Emma Marrone
Shin Min-a
Jannik Sinner
Lou Dillon
Leah Williamson
Alessandro Borghi
Marco Bizzarri

Trust Gucci to bring the smoke, the fire, and the heat. The stars aligned (and gathered) in Puglia as Alessandro Michele summoned his fave people to a magical castle you only see in films (this real estate made a cameo in Wonder Woman too). But it wasn't just any medieval architecture; Castel del Monte belonged to Emperor Frederick II, and its unique structure continues to astound many who are still speculating of its use back in the day. Gucci made the evening even more unfortgettable thanks to the clothes and beautiful guests, including Dakota Johnson, Elle Fanning, and Mark Ronson.

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