A VIGIL FOR VIRGIL: Louis Vuitton’s “Virgil Was Here” Spring-Summer 2022 Menswear Show
Text by Kee | Photos courtes of Louis Vuitton
A three-storey tall figure of Virgil Abloh watches over the spring-summer 2022 Louis Vuitton show in Miami
The finale of the show was marked by a drones show lighting up the skies

The show must go on. At least that was what the late Virgil Abloh had always believed in. He had never let personal issues undermine the hard work of his team and company. Even when Covid-19 proved to be a stumbling block for most fashion brands, the founder of Off-White and artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton was one of the first to go-ahead with a live runway show halfway across the world. His sudden passing on November 28, however, left the fashion world shell-shocked as he had been a guiding light for many and a positive influence even for those who don’t believe in their own abilities and potential. Abloh believed. Louis Vuitton would have postponed its spring-summer 2022 menswear show in Miami in a heartbeat but Abloh would have been pissed if he were the reason the world stopped at this expense. Instead, the spring-summer 2022 fashion show held in the beginning of Miami Art Basel became a post-Thanksgiving gathering of friends and family from all circles of fashion and pop culture. Those who knew him and even those who were inspired by him came to tip their hats to many who called him a visionary. Even those who have been critical of his works in luxury fashion and streetwear knew that the community has lost a once in a generation talent. That said, the fashion show – which was renamed as Virgil Was Here – became more than just a fashion show. There was a three-storey tall figure of Abloh erected on the grounds, one that looked up into the sky like a symbol of optimism we all need today. The show was a range of emotions, from happiness to sadness to hopefulness. All his closest pals made the trip, including his day ones like Kanye West, Jerry Lorenzo, Heron Preston, and Pharrell, just to name a few. Several others paid their tributes by walking the runway again namely Kid Cudi who also walked on Abloh’s Louis Vuitton design debut a few years ago. Yes, the 82-looks took a backseat this time around and for a good reason too – its irreplaceable creator has passed. Louis Vuitton ended the show in a manner that Abloh would have approved of since he has often let it be known that every design was to appease his 17-year-old self. Drones took to the skies to mark his initials as well as the signing off on his tenure with Virgil Was Here. Knowing Abloh, we wouldn’t be surprised if he planned every aspect of his final show as well.

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