RECAP: Chanel’s Cruise 2021 After-Party (Dubai)
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chanel
Penélope Cruz
(From left): Sofia Boutella, Ruba Zarour, and Tara Emad
Sofia Boutella
Soo Joo Park
John Legend
DJ Kungs
Tara Emad and Faouzia
John Legend and Faouzia
DJ Kungs and Caroline de Maigret

If you didn’t get the memo, Dubai’s the place to be right this second. Currently playing host to the Expo 2020, the world has descended on to the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates seeking new opportunities and inspirations to build a better tomorrow. Chanel, for one, isn’t going to let this gathering of MVPs slip by without a squeak. It chose the city for a repeat of its cruise 2021 show held around the start of Expo 2020. This collection was first shown in May but was only pre-taped at the Carrières de Lumières in the South of France and broadcasted online. Now with a full live audience in Dubai – the show was held at the Dubai Creek Harbour – Virginie Viard felt it was important to bring its wares to another dreamy location that the name of the collection suggests. And as those in attendance would attest, Chanel rarely disappoints. But it was the after-party that the stars come out to mingle. Chanel lined up musical acts that promise a fun time on the dance floor, including John Legend on the piano and model Soo Joo Park behind the DJ deck. Here’s hoping for more to come.

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