FIRST TIMES ARE FOREVER: Kaia Gerber in Oscar de la Renta
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Oscar de la Renta
Kaia Gerber's Met Gala look was inspired by a Bianca Jagger gown worn in 1981
Kaia Gerber's Met Gala look was inspired by a Bianca Jagger gown worn in 1981

It was Kaia Gerber’s first time at the Met Gala which might surprise a few considering she has been everywhere on your timeline, on billboards, magazine spreads, music videos, and even that one time you switched on the TV and saw her trying to stab someone in American Horror Stories. Yeah, so it’s her first – and she’s flying solo for the night no thanks to limited seating. The good news is, she is no longer wearing that latex suit that has been ingrained in your memory since that TV cameo. Instead, she cleaned up well in an Oscar de Renta gown that was tailor-made to fit her svelte figure. And when interviewers were asking her about the gown's inspo, she stated how it was inspired by a 1981 version that Bianca Jagger wore to the Met Gala which she claimed was designed by Halston. Well, fact check time as Jagger actually wore a Dior number designed by Marc Bohan. But minor history reference blip aside, this black faille gown features painstaking embroidery work that replicates ivy vines that line the top of the corset bodice with a few cheeky cut-outs for that modern twist. The bottom half is just as dreamy: a billowy skirt that’s designed for a quick twirl on the dance floor. This might be a safe bet in terms of any Met Gala fashion expression, but Gerber’s likley going to look back at these photos in 2061 and acknowledge that her outfit choice still stands the test of time.

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