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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Richard Mille
Richard Mille's cufflinks are a mechanical marvel
Richard Mille's cufflinks are a mechanical marvel

Honestly, what’s the point of a cuffed shirt if you ain’t got the cufflink game right? Richard Mille, the maker of wristwatches that real ballers flex today, is taking care of that department too only because it’s close enough to the state of affairs of your wrist. It has created a pair of titanium cufflinks that are not your ordinary pair of titanium cufflinks. Looking as badass as a jackhammer, Richard Mille has endowed these with a special feature that puts the rest of your cufflinks in the shade. A bar at the top of each cufflink lets you lock this metal onto your shirt cuff with a simple push and unlock it by pinching the buttons on the side. Bet you haven’t seen a complex cufflink that’s this easy to operate.

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