Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Issey Miyake
IM Men is Issey Miyake's latest men's casualwear label
IM Men is Issey Miyake's latest men's casualwear label
IM Men is Issey Miyake's latest men's casualwear label

Okay, you didn’t get the bad news because there have been too many on the list: Issey Miyake discontinued its main menswear line for good in 2020. But don’t panic guys, you don’t have to drop the Japanese brand from your radar entirely as its Homme Plissé casualwear sub-label is still going on strong. The biggest surprise, however, is that the Japanese label has launched a new menswear line catering to the needs of the new normal instead. Named IM Men, it is an original division in the Issey Miyake household that aims to find solutions to the modern man’s everyday wardrobe needs which essentially can be summarised as practicality meets functionality. Doing the groundwork so you don’t have to Marie Kondo your closet anytime soon, IM Men focuses on garments that are not only lightweight but can be folded in compact sizes to meet your stringent storage needs (or origami appreciation). They are also treated to be wrinkle-free, put through an environmentally-friendly process, which bodes well for those who: 1) Hate ironing, 2) Always on the move, 3) Hate ironing and always on the move. And for once, a weekend outfit can also fit nicely in your weekender. IM Men is now available and has its own standalone store in Minamiaoyama, Tokyo.

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