Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Ermenegildo Zegna
Pelletessuta leather holsters for Leica 'Q2' and Leica 'M' cameras
Pelletessuta leather holster
Pelletessuta leather carrying strap
Calfskin leather key ring
Pelletessuta leather wallet
Pelletessuta leather wrist strap
Calfskin leather 'Insta-pack' and Pelletessuta leather crossbody bag

How do you tell one Leica enthusiast from another? We don’t have to tell you that it comes down to the details, really. And we don’t mean owning the oldest or rarest Leica cameras because we know only a select few are capable of doing so. The real Leica fanboys in 2021, however, are the ones who know how to get their accessorising game right. That means pampering their equipment with the freshest fits, namely its most recent collab with Ermenegildo Zegna. The Italian fashion house’s link with photography is thanks to its artistic director Alessandro Sartori’s personal love for the German camera label, which means someone genuinely in love with Leica is designing accessories for it. From camera holsters to lens protectors to wrist straps and keyrings, there’s plenty of flash when it comes to the make of these products too. Zegna has employed its signature Pelletessuta leather to making these wares; strips of nappa leather are woven so tightly and concisely that they start to resemble carbon fibre but with the softness of fabric. It takes 24 hours to produce just 20 metres of it which tells you its artisans are certainly earning their keeps. And if you know how much a Leica camera costs, it's certainly worth pairing it with this upmarket attire.

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