WATCH: Chance The Rapper x Ralph Lauren
Text by Kee | Video courtesy of Ralph Lauren
Chance The Rapper performs in the Ralph Lauren store in Chicago

The world needs some TLC right this moment and perhaps there’s no better way to do so than with the universal language of music. Ralph Lauren agrees which is why it has roped in Chicago native and one of music’s most soulful voices and positive vibe bringer Chance The Rapper for a virtual concert. Held at its flagship store in Chicago, the 27-year-old re-inspires us with his heartfelt biographical lyrics from his albums such as The Big Day, Colouring Book, and Acid Rap. It was also a surreal experience for Chance as he admitted to hanging out in this same “Polo store” all the time. “Music and fashion to me have always been interlinked. Ralph Lauren has always been one of my favourite designers, right by my side for some of my favourite moments in my career and personal life. This intimate virtual concert ties together all the greatest events of my life and allows me to sing about them the way I always wanted to," he said. Enjoy!

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