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TIME TO GIVE FACE: Wristwatches With Facial Expressions
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HYT Soonow Rainbow
Konstantin Chaykin's 'Joker Selfie'
Sarpaneva's 'Korona Moonshine'
Konstantin Chaykin's 'Mouse King'
Bell & Ross' 'BR 01 Burning Skull'
Fiona Kruger's 'Petit Skull'
Mr. Jones Watches' 'The Last Laugh'
Imagine staring at your wristwatch and it stares back at you – and just maybe it even cracks a smile or sticks out a tongue. Those who can see the amusing side to all of this will agree that watchmaking doesn’t have to be a serious affair about nuts and bolts and a lesson on physics and engineering. Even today’s watchmakers acknowledge that there are only so many personalityless wristwatches you can own before a Batman-themed timepiece starts to sound like a good idea. It is also this reason that dial faces are starting to adopt, well, a proper face. Thanks largely to the creativity of indie watchmaking, the popularity grew from the demand of skull-themed wristwatches in 2013 from the likes of Fiona Kruger and Richard Mille. But perhaps a lot more credit must be given to Stepan Sarpaneva, whose Korona Moonshine wristwatch in 2010 first placed an oversized unimpressed face on a dial. Today, Konstantin Chaykin arguably dominates this field of tongue-in-cheek wristwatches. The Russian watchmaker has been making popular time displays that tap on the idea of facial features such as the hour and minute sub-dials for eyes, crown for ears, and a smiling mouth with a tongue as the moon phase indicator. Since it debuted in 2017, he has dressed it as a joker, clown, Dracula, and even a Halloween pumpkin. Even the purists get it – and that’s progress.
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