WATCH: Spike Lee for Montblanc
Text by Kee | Photos and Video courtesy of Montblanc
Spike Lee stars in Montblanc's 'What Moves You, Makes You' campaign
Spike Lee stars in Montblanc's 'What Moves You, Makes You' campaign
Spike Lee stars in Montblanc's 'What Moves You, Makes You' campaign

As much as you like to theorise that everything in Hollywood is manufactured by the Deep State, there are still some voices of reason and strong proponents of truth-telling in the higher rungs of the film industry. American director Spike Lee is one of those figureheads who never shies away from topics that would make the politically correct squirm in their plush velvet seats. The 63-year-old’s extensive body of work in the last 35 years requires no introduction as they feature prominently on any cinephile’s Movies You Must See Before You Die-type of list. Most importantly, he has tackled topics in his films that those in the mainstream today wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. This includes systemic racism and police brutality, which are hot button issues that are just as relevant today as they were then when he made his first film in the '80s. But today, Lee is taking on a different role, one that he doesn’t do too often in a storied career spent behind the camera lens (look up on that 1989 Gap fashion campaign). The iconic film director has been cast as one of the three faces of Montblanc’s What Moves You, Makes You campaign, along with Welsh actor Taron Egerton and Chinese actor-singer Chen Kun. Watch the videos below as he candidly spills some truth-isms about life, work, and family.


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