NOT THE VACCINE BUT CLOSE: Diesel's ViralOff Treatment
Text by Kee | Photo courtesy of Diesel
'ViralOff' is said to disable viral acitivity on the garment and will last a lifetime even after multiple washes

“Viral load” shouldn’t be a consideration when making fashion choices but no thanks to the situation we’re in, you just might have to keep this term in mind. The good news is that at least one brand is hoping to ease your concerns in this department, especially every time you’re planting your butt onto public-friendly surfaces. Diesel is doing its part by working together with Swedish firm Polygiene to develop a treatment that it will be using on denim in the spring-summer 2021 collection. Though it sounds like a bit tad too far into the fashion future, let’s just remind you that we’ve been battling the current pandemic for far longer than most folks have predicted (read: Trump). Called ViralOff, think of it as garment’s anti-virus software. Diesel claims this treatment has the ability to eliminate viral activity on the fabric within two hours of contact between the pathogen and the denim. And while the world is still awaiting some good news on the vaccine front, ViralOff is ready to combat first contact with a range of viruses – including Covid-19 – and inhibits it from attaching onto fibres. The treatment will also last on the garment for a lifetime, which is just about the duration you’re expecting to favour denim.

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