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DUCHESS BY DESIGN: Montegrappa's Duchess Limited Editions
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Montegrappa
This collaboration is part of Sarah Ferguson's bid to start her own lifestyle brand
The pens are made of celluloid and features lining made of sterling silver
The pen colours are inspired by nature
The pens feature Sarah Ferguson's insignia on the gold nib
Part of the set includes postcards featuring exclusive pictures taken by the Duchess of York on her travels

In no coincidence to Meghan Markle’s return to the U.S. and hatching plans to launch her lifestyle brand, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson is also making moves of her own that aren’t another children’s storybook. She is on the cusp of launching her own lifestyle brand calling dibs on the name Duchess Inc. The 60-year-old is an accomplished author – she has more than 40 books to her name in the last three decades – has made her first move in this lifestyle bracket with the launch of a series of high-end writing instruments with Montegrappa. The three pens which are manufactured from celluloid and sterling silver are inspired by the themes of the ocean, forest, and the garden. These are the locations that she personally finds solace and inspiration in which hopefully translates well to the owners of these writing instruments. What is worth noting is that the gold nib features the monogram of the Duchess which truly makes this a collector’s item. The set also comes with 12 postcards that feature images that she has amassed during her travels and each feature a personal quote that she hopes will inspire creativity… and maybe help to score your own pen deal someday too.

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