BE A “PROFESSOR” FOR A DAY: Persol x La Casa de Papel
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Persol
A special edition 'La Casa de Papel' edition with 24K gold-plated lenses
The 'Sergio' frame features polar blue lenses
The 'Original' glasses replicate those in the series and features a pilot shape frame
Persol allows for customisation of one's initials on the temples

Spanish crime drama series Money Heist (also known as La Casa de Papel) had a knack for weaving our fantasies into its storyline: printing our own money, convincing a police inspector that they are on the wrong side of the law, and having cool names linked to popular cities like we’re part of the Beckham clan. And anyone who is hooked to the series – which is in its fourth season on Netflix – would also readily admit that they have thought about the fashion merits of a red jumpsuit before Jordan Peele’s Us ruined it for everyone. This brings us to this Persol collab with the hit TV series that banks on the hope that El Professor (acted by Álvaro Morte), who is the brains of the operation and main protagonist nicknamed The Professor, has the same sexy draw as an Aviators-wearing Maverick in Top Gun. The Professor’s every appearance in the series – except for when he squeezes in some time to make passionate love – features a retro pair of optical with a bridge sitting comfortably between the eyes. Rather than remake just those black frames which are also for sale, Persol has launched three other options including one in tortoiseshell and another with polarised blue gradient lenses. The highlight, however, is probably impossible to get hold off unless you start printing your own money. The eyewear maker claims to have only manufactured a few pieces of the black pilot-shaped frames with 24K gold-plated lenses that riff on the ideas of gold bars and vibes of sailing into the sunset – both of which everyone needs right now.


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