Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Safilo Group
DB Eyewear by David Beckham is manufactured by Safilo Group
Horn square frame sunglasses
Acetate square frame eyewear glasses
Metal aviator sunglasses
Metal and acetate aviator-inspired sunglasses
Acetate pilot's sunglasses
Horn and acetate clip-on sunglasses

If you ever needed real-life references on how to build your own brand, try Googling David Beckham. The 44-year-old former footballer is now on his second career as an empire builder, co-owning British Heritage label Kent & Curwen, launching men’s grooming pitstop House 99, crafting his very own Scotch in Haig Club, and now running his own football club in Inter Miami, just to name a few. But hold on, did we also mention that Beckham is a very handsome man who has been a style reference for any gent looking to get a decent haircut at the barber or when tailoring a fine suit? You probably already knew that – which means him launching a namesake eyewear label like his wife Victoria isn’t so much of a surprise either. After all, you can count the number of times he has punctuated his looks whether on the Wimbledon grounds, attending a Royal Wedding or whenever he tries unsuccessfully to look inconspicuous. But as usual, Beckham isn’t doing this deal alone; he has inked with big-time eyewear company Safilo Group (it manufactures for Dior, Fendi, Hugo Boss, etc) to help him roll out those signature shades for the next 10 years. Like his taste in menswear, Beckham’s debut eyewear silhouettes cover the entire catalogue of what a rakish gent needs in this lifetime, ranging from clip-on lenses to retro pilot frames to aviator styles. As for how good these designs are? We’ve never seen a bad picture of a sunnies-wearing Beckham. We’ll leave it at that.

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