Text by Kee | Photo courtesy of DSW
The 'Parlata' pumps with a clear lucite panel
The 'Wynoba' sandals n faux suede with clear lucite panel
The 'Florella' pumps in reptile embossed synthetic leather
The 'Malika' platform sandals in faux suede
The 'Parlata' pumps with a clear lucite panel
The 'Florella' pumps in reptile embossed synthetic leather

If one celeb can attest to having quite a year, it would be Jennifer Lopez. And mind you, we’re only in March. The 50-year-old has recently garnered critical acclaim for her acting as well as putting a superstar-level showing at the recent Super Bowl Halftime show. On top of her endorsements, she has found time to launch her very own shoe line with Designer Shoe Warehouse named JLo Jennifer Lopez – her first venture that banks on her name since those collaborations with Giuseppe Zanotti just a few years ago which helped to gauge her own clout in this space. And just like her previous footwear collab, fans can expect the same level of va-va-voom with these. As expected the debut collection features more than a few stilettos that would even appeal to Ramona, ranging from crystal-embellished block heels to gold chain angle straps. Don't be surprise if you're eager to throw a few good ol' hip thrusts in these.

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