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BECAUSE HARRY STYLES MADE YOU DO IT: Mikimoto x Comme des Garçons
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Mikimoto
Akoya cultured pearl necklace with silver plate
Akoya cultured pearl necklace with silver chain
Akoya cultured pearl necklace with silver chain

If you consider one-time boybander Harry Styles as somewhat of style demigod, you'd know his recent preferences of wearing dresses and accessorising his neckline with cultured pearl strands that were formerly exclusive to gran. With Styles being Styles, gender-specific dressing doesn't mean shit to the 26-year-old who has become the face of wearing whatever the hell he wants a devil-may-care attitude that real rockers understand (think grandpa Mick Jagger and his Saint Laurent wares that look more current than the choices of men half his age). This brings us to men wearing cultured pearls (we can predict alpha males stopping to read right about now). We're in 2020 and the rulebook for dressing is as obsolete as the telephone directory. But while wearing cultured pearl necklaces may be too much of a leap for even the most swerviest dressers, one recent collab may be the gateway to men wearing more pearls on the daily. Enter Mikimoto and Comme des Garçons. What started as an impromptu accessorising moment for Comme des Garçons Homme Plus for its spring-summer 2020 runway is now a full-blown collaboration between Rei Kawakubo and Mikimoto, the Japanese jeweller that first loaned the cultured pearl necklaces for her runway show. Those floored by that remix of standard pearl strands will be happy to know that the collab is happening due to popular demand. This seven-piece unisex collection of necklaces features a variety of twists such as the Comme des Garçons label plate in silver, a chainlink attachment, and even a secondary strand of pearls. The necklaces will retail from US$2,800 and is part of a two-year collaborative agreement between the pair. As for how to wear a pair correctly? You shouldn't even be asking.   

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