A WOMAN’S WORTH: Behind the Scenes of the Chanel 19 Bag Campaign
Text by Kee | Photo courtesy of Chanel
Margaret Qualley
Marine Vacth
Sofia Coppola and Taylor Russell

Call it perfect timing if you will because Chanel’s celebrating women in the best way possible post-International Woman’s Day. Thanks to creative director Virginie Viard, the Parisian fashion house is putting an all-female cast and director behind its first handbag campaign in 2020 for the Chanel 19 – a fave when it debuted on the fall-winter 2019 runway. Margaret Qualley, Marine Vacth, and Taylor Russell are three of the young women chosen to rep the new classic carrier. And like the bag, these three starlets are destined to be the next big thing on-screen and off as far as we are concerned. What is the biggest surprise, however, is Sofia Coppola’s role behind the camera. She has been a longtime friend of the house – she interned for Karl Lagerfeld in the early days – and she worked with Chanel’s Viard for the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition in Tokyo at the end of 2019 with a video chronicling the life of Coco Chanel. The choice of Coppola is also a special one as she becomes the first female to lens a fashion campign since Lagerfeld's passing a year ago. Watch this space when the full Chanel 19 campaign lands in April.

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