TWO THUMBS UP FROM DRAKE: Imaan Hammam for Frame
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Frame
Leather single-breasted blazer
Wool double-breasted blazer
Leather single-breasted blazer
Silk tie-front shirt and denim jeans

If you’re wondering if models have picked up anything from their day job, some actually do. And then there are some who also harbour aspirations of turning their name into a fashion brand. Imaan Hammam – the 23-year-old Dutch-Moroccan model whose love life is often linked to Drake’s – belongs in the latter category having been tapped by Frame to launch her first capsule collection of unisex ready-to-wear. This influencer-motivated move follows in the footsteps of Frame alums like Karlie Kloss and Lara Stone who have done the same in previous years, proving that runway models are more than capable of moonlighting as stylists. This 20-piece collab, which is available now, is her statement on diversity and female empowerment. Expect orange blazers, coated denim jackets, and transformable hoodies as part of the offering. And yes, it probably has Drake’s approval too.

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