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GRAIL SHOELACES DO EXIST: Civil Jewelry's Chain Mesh Shoelaces
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Civil Jewelry
The mesh shoelaces are available in polished gold, sterling silver or rose gold over a sterling silver core
Each shoelace measures up to 33 inches in length
Eac set will set you back US$200

Until now, your shoelaces have probably been an afterthought. All you know is that they come with the package and it’s not very often you’re in a hurry for a change even if the purchase comes with a spare. But that’s also because there hasn’t been a real reason to make that swap too. Well, until now. Civil Jewelry, led by cool coowner Slick Woods, is introducing chain mesh laces that are made from polished gold, sterling silver or rose gold-plated sterling silver. Lace these up with black or white sneakers and they look like your old kicks got a facelift. No word yet if these 33-inch laces would be easy to tie but like drinking from paper straws, the learning curve isn’t steep. The first drop is already sold out at US$200 a pop but thank goodness second servings still exist.

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