Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Adidas
Ninja is the highest-paid Twitch streamer
The Adidas x Nina 'Nite Jogger' celebrates the popular video game streamer's never-give-up attitude

For those who think playing endless amount of video games won’t amount to anything, there’s always Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who will beg to differ. His claim to fame isn’t in competitive gaming but rather live streaming of his game playing which has earned him millions of subscribers as well as millions in endorsement deals. Watching someone else play a game? Yeah, we know but to each his own. Such is Ninja’s clout in this niche space that a pro gamer like him has even scored endorsement deals often reserved for the biggest athletes and musicians. It is this alliance with Adidas in particular that has netted him a sweet sneaker collab too. Aptly named Time In and based on the Nite Jogger silhouette, Ninja has tapped on the sneaker as a promo and motivational tool about work ethics (he was known to stream nearly the entire day even before he became famous): “To kick off my collaboration with Adidas, I wanted to create a shoe that honours everyone who puts in the hard work to perfect their craft. Everyone who knows what it’s like to sacrifice for their passion. Everyone who puts the “Time In”. Whether you’re on hour one or 1,000 of your journey, this shoe is for you.” The sneaker’s colours aren’t random either; the blue symbolises the 28-year-old’s dyed hair and the yellow accents rep his customary headband. While this sneaker isn’t going to get hypebeasts hard, it is a strong message that you don’t have to have the pipes of Beyoncé or the talents of a star quarterback to score a branded sneaker in your name. The sneaker drops on Decemvber 31.

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