BEYONCÉ 2.0: Ivy Park's Relaunch
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Ivy Park
The sneaker collab is based on Adidas' 'Samba' silhouette
Ivy Park's earcuff
Ivy Park's new bodysuit
Ivy Park's mouth grill

Like all good television shows, new seasons – even in fashion – deserve a recap: It was November of 2018 that Beyoncé’s activewear label Ivy Park severed ties with owner of Topshop Sir Philip Green, whose involvement in what became known as the “British #MeToo scandal” triggered the singer to tell him that “everything you own in the box to the left.” Six months later in April of 2019, Beyoncé snapped fingers again and announced that she has traded up with Adidas, becoming its creative partner in the same manner as Kanye West for Yeezy. Set for a January 18 relaunch date, Queen Bey dropped a few surprise clickbait imageries in December including her famed bodysuits, mouth grils, and even a long-awaited co-branded sneaker. On hindsight, at least you know where your 2020 savings are going to.

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