Text by Kee | Photo courtesy of Adidas and Prada
The teaser image confirming the Prada and Adidas collaboration

The internet can be cruel. Other than breaking our hearts with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reunion rumours or that Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron are dating on the sly – all false by the way – the fashion industry too has its own set of unconfirmed truths primarily a Prada and Adidas tie-up that had insiders wondering how many more times they can take another round of trolling. But lo and behold, just seven weeks shy of Christmas both brands confirmed the relationship in the same surprising way that millennial couple Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson told the universe that they were porking – via a picture on their social media channels. This teaser image of two shoe boxes – one of Adidas and another of Adidas Originals – in a Prada shopping bag was more than enough for fans of hybrid fashion culture to start picking up phones and flexing their VIP status to Prada sales reps. This get-together, however, is more than just a one-time deal. Prada and Adidas have confirmed that the main qualities they share is their passion for working out (i.e. sports). While Adidas’ body of work in this area is self-explanatory, Prada’s on the other hand is exemplified by its participation in the premier sailing competition known as the America’s Cup. It is a co-title sponsor of the Luna Rossa Challenge team – not to be confused by one of its fragrances that share the same name or its Linea Rossa clothing line – for four editions of the America’s Cup. That said, the reason we’re bringing up the sport of sailing isn’t to throw off any sneakerhead allergic to their fresh soles touching moisture. This new collab’s end game is on a new line of Luna Rossa performance sailing footwear to be launched in 2020. In order to build on the hype, the brands will drop two limited edition styles for men and women that will be produced by Prada in its Italian factories. As the press release denotes: “With each partner bringing a unique perspective to a conversation founded on mutual exploration and the search for new boundaries, Prada for Adidas is a laboratory for ideas, a new vehicle for creativity.” Yup, they’re definitely porking.

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