THE RISE OF SKY-WALKING: Levi's x Star Wars Capsule
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Levi's and Star Wars
Galaxy print 501 jean and trucker jacket with Death Star, Tie Fighters, and the Millennium Falcon all-over print
Trucker jacket with Darth Vader print on the back
Graphic tees featuring Leia Skywalker and Chewbacca
Galaxy print hoodie with "In a galaxy far, far away" print across the arms

Last week’s Rise of Skywalker trailer was yet another sign of the inevitable, epic conclusion for yet another inevitable, epic Star Wars trilogy. From your iconic duo of C-3PO and R2D2 to everyone’s beloved Chewbacca, we’ll have to say our goodbyes to a galaxy that won’t need its balance restored for maybe another decade or so. So before it all ends, it would be Yoda-levels of wise to stock up on some galactic goods for some well-placed closure, especially when it comes to your spacey wardrobe fits: Levi’s is teaming up with the Disney franchise for an apparel capsule that will make sure the force is always with on you. Featuring T-shirts, hoodies, trucker jackets and jeans, each piece sports either archival graphics of the original trilogy’s characters or even some classic father-son quotes from the franchise (we won’t mention which). Our personal favourite is the trucker jacket with a tempting Darth Vader pointing at us in an I Want You type of gesture printed on the back. Hey, the Dark Side has style too.


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