AIRPORT FLEX UPDATE: Rimowa Original's New Colourways
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Rimowa
The Rimowa Original in marine
Inspired by the legendary blue of the Mediterranean
The Rimowa Original in scarlet
Inspired by a red bird native to the Los Llanos region
Rimowa’s already flexed some pretty vibrant colourways, but it isn’t quite finished just yet. Because while you might be thinking to yourself, boy do my aluminium shades look good on the conveyor-belt, chances are, there’s someone out there already with the next line of Rimowa colourways that really look good on that airport runway showcase. What we’re talking about is the latest version of the Rimowa Originals, which is now arriving in nature-beloved colours of marine and scarlet. And while the book is an extension of one’s memory, and the brush an extension of one’s imagination, the luggage is the ultimate extension of one’s wanderlust fantasies. Whether you’re travelling past the azure blue of the Mediterranean sea, or soaring over tropical grasslands to the east of the Andes, the travel companion matches its maker.


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