OCTOBER 2019 Issue
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MANIFESTO: October 2019 issue with Ai Tominaga
MANIFESTO: October 2019 issue with Won Kong and Niels Trispel
MANIFESTO: October 2019 issue with Chunjie Liu
If you’ve found yourself living under a rock for the past month – or possibly a pineapple under the sea – look no further: The talk of the fashion town comes in the form of our latest October issue that will reassimilate you back into society with ease. From New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, to weeks on weeks of fashion trends and scoops, we’ll be covering everything you’ve missed out – and more. For instance, did you know Jaden Smith and A$AP Rocky have been spearheading Instagram’s latest movement of male headscarves? Or the fact that whale tails are making its epic comeback thanks to Kylie and Co.? Besides the latest trends, we’ve also featured fashion heroes such as Dunhill’s creative director Mark Weston with his renewed vision for the brand and its community, as well as up-and-comers including newly-minted Internet star and Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi, who completely electrified NYFW with his sophomore showing. In other words, your fashion vernacular is set to receive the perfect software update it sorely needed.

Our October 2019 issue stars Yu Hang, Ai Tominaga, Chunjie Wu as well as Won Kong and Niels Trispel. 

MANIFESTO October 2019 issue is available now.

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